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I would like to post some

people's memories or thoughts

of Jeff Krosnoff and Gary

Avrin. If you would like

to let the world know, please

send me any photos, stories

or anything else you would

like up here.


Jeff Krosnoff #25

Sept. 24, 1964 - July 14, 1996

Cleveland '96.

Photo by: Doug Goodman

July 14th 1999...

                 ... Three years after the tragic accident at Toronto.
As we all prepare for this year's race at Toronto's Exhibition Place we should all stop to remember Jeff Krosnoff and Gary Avrin. Everyone knows what happened on that day and it's something we will never be able to forget.


                    ... and we all remember July 14th, 1996.

On the streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at Exhibition Place, July 14,1996. Something tragic happened on lap 93, just a few laps from the end of the 11th race of 16 races. Jeff Krosnoff, a 31-year-old rookie from La Canada, California, touched wheels with Stefan Johansson. That's where tragedy struck. Jeff's car was airborne in a horrible crash including a tree and lightpost. When the debris settled on the track, four cars were involved, Krosnoff, Johansson, Fittipaldi and Ribeiro, the latter two hit only by the flying debris. The emergency crews were immediately out, tending to Krosnoff and two track volenteers who also were hit by debris. The race was red flaged on lap 95. Krosnoff and one track worker, Gary Avrin, 44, were killed immediately on impact.

Jeff was considered one of America's top racing talent, he had spent seven years racing F3000 in Japan prior to obtaining the Arciero-Wells ride. Jeff is remembered as a musician, playing drums in the band Mach V, a writer, a photographer and also for his humor. He had a degree from UCLA, not to mention a bright future ahead of him. Jeff was married, to wife, Tracy.

Toronto '96 will be a day remembered forever by racefans as the day we all saw the tragic accident that killed two wonderful men,

Jeff Krosnoff and Gary Avrin.

We CARTfans hope the Krosnoff and Avrin family and friends are going to be able to cope with the loss of their family member.

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