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In memory of Jeff Krosnoff and Gary Avrin. 7/14/96, Gonzalo Rodriguez 9/11/99 and Greg Moore 10/31/99.

Also Dale Earnhardt, Adam Petty and everyone else who has given their life for racing.

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This page will now be a memorial page for those CART racers who have been killed. Jeff Krosnoff (7/14/96) Gonzalo Rodriguez (9/11/99) and Greg Moore (10/31/99).

In memory of Greg Moore:

It is impossible to put into words what Greg Moore meant to the sport of auto racing, or even what he meant to his fans.

I've spent weeks trying to figure out what I wanted to say here, and I still can't do it. maybe someday... racerchic99 AKA moorefan4ever

In Memory

All our thoughts and prayers got out to these truly great racers. From everyone in Oswego New York we will remember you... Joe

CART race fan

I want to send my condolences to Greg's website. It is a huge tragedy. As a CART fan, I am truly saddened by this terrible accident... Fitzzchris

Jeff Krosnoff and Greg Moore

I was at the Toronto Indy when Jeff Krosnoff was killed. I was not seated at the corner where he died but the impact of his death is something that I don't think I'll ever forget. However, the death of Greg Moore on Sunday October 31st in Fontana, California, has to be the most mortifying experience I have had to go through since I became a fan of motorsports 8 years ago. When I saw the wreckage of Greg's car on my TV screen I have to admit that my first thoughts were "Please don't let this be Pat's car". Patrick Carpentier being a close friend of my husband's and I for years now. Then it dawned on me that no matter who's car it was this was one serious incident and I sat with baited breath hoping and praying that the driver was not going to join the ranks of others we have lost in recent years. But then it was announced it was Greg's car and the tears came and they didn't stop until hours after the heart wrenching news came that we had lost one of Canadian motorsports most talented drivers. I think it floors one even more to think of our young he was, how he had so much to look forward too and what an all-round great guy he was. To Greg's family, girlfriend and fans I offer my condolescences at this time and hope that the knowledge that there are thousands of fans, drivers and CART personnel who feel your pain and will help you through this time of deep tragedy. To Greg, I say we'll miss you, you were one of a kind and one who will be missed for a very long time to come. ... Jayne St. Catharines, ON. Canada

Greg Moore

I would like to wish Greg's family all the love and best wishes Greg will live on in our hearts forever god bless hope you like the flower... billy ewing victory circle racing

Profound Sadness

My husband and I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Greg Moore on a few occasions when we have seen him at the track. He was what Andrew Craig called the perfect CART driver. He had the passion for the sport, the talent to go as far as his heart would take him, and the genuine appreciation for his fans. His loss will be felt for a very long time. We live about an hour from where Greg grew up in Maple Ridge BC and from the radio and news reports this morning, I can tell that the whole Pacific Northwest and British Columbia are morning his passing today. Thank You ... Craig and Kym Christensen Bellingham, WA.

Greg Moore

An avid fan of all CART racing, I follow the league attending as many races as possible. I was in attendance at California for the year end race. When Greg crashed, and with little information available the whole feel of the event changed. I am deeply saddened by the loss of Greg Moore. A dedicated fan and follower of his career, he will be missed greatly by racing fans everywhere. My condolences to his family, friends, Forsythe Racing and the many fans. ... Bill Roberts, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I just want to pay my regrets to the family of Greg Moore. ... Mathias Berntsson Sweden

The Champ had left the Area

Our CHAMPION has left the area to more pleasant surroundings. Leaving behind memories which will live on forever. Greg you were a racer's dream, even though it was for much too short a time. Leaving behind memories which will be etched in the minds of the present, and reminisced by future racing affectionados.

... Harry van Beetz, a fan.

My Condolences for a great driver

Hello, I wish to say how appalled I was to see that horrible accident which took the life of Greg Moore. As I live in Ireland fomula one is the most popular car racing here but I also followed Indy racing as much as I could.

I will not pretend that it is my favourite over fomula one but it was tragic to see this thing happen and not for the first time this season.

I have to admit I am always struck by the circuits of Indy car - they contrast so much with those in Fomula one - and not in a favourable way. I feel that no racing circuit should have unprotected concrete walls as a barrier to stop cars which crash. The lessons learned in fomula one and the safety measures in place on their circuits should be introduced to Indy car.

Hopefully it will be a long time before such a tragic accident occurrs again. My prayers for his family and friends. ... Steve.

Youre with the Angels Now

Your love and compassion that you showed for what you did was so delightful to see, you were so very young when the Lord took you to sing with the Angels, I know that you are in a wonderful place, and your family and friends and people that you have never even meet will miss you, your memories will always be right in our hearts, Remembering that you always gave your best.... no matter what!

You have touched so many peoples hearts Greg, lots that you didn't even meet.

A Race Fan . ... The Gray Family

May God give you strenght Moore Family. In this time to remember the good times.

Condolences for Greg

I already sent condolences to Greg's family through and decided to send them to you also. Words can't even begin to express how awful I feel. Like it says in the letter, my heart is empty and I feel like I lost my best friend. I first became a fan of Greg's in 1995, when I was 14 years old. This year I was so excited because I was finally old enough, at 18, to get a pit pass and I could finally see Greg up close. My sister, Patty, and I were at Michigan this year and it was Saturday, qualifying day. After qualifying was finished and most drivers were at their transporters, Greg was talking to someone and my sister said "come on, go meet him." I was hesitant because I didn't want to be rude and interrupt his conversation. But my sister said "come on, this could be your only chance to meet him." So I did and will be forever grateful because ironically, it was my only chance to meet him, in the three races I went to this season.

After he crashed on Sunday, I just sat on my couch, shaking. I was watching the race, but I honestly couldn't tell you what happened. It was about five o' clock and I got up to look out our front window. My little sister was standing next to me. I looked at her with a terrified look in my eyes. She patted me on the shoulder and said "Don't worry Kate, everything will be alright." I said "I know, I'm just really scared.". Not even 30 seconds later the doctors came on TV. The moment they said "It is with deep regret that I announce....", we both put our heads in our hands and started crying. My mom came in the front door and asked what was wrong. We didn't have to tell her anything. She already knew.

Patty was in Indianapolis on Sunday, attending the Colts-Cowboys football game, when she heard the news. When she came home that night the first thing I did was thank her for dragging me over pit wall at Michigan to meet Greg. We also agreed that it would be very hard to go to races next year and enjoy them. We were planning on flying to Vancouver with our uncle, to go to the race there next year. We are still going to, only now with heavy hearts.

Love always,

... Katie Bergamino, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Dear Moore Family,


I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one.

I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when day is gone.

I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways.

Of happy times, of laughing times, and bright and sunny days.

I'd like the tears of those who grieve for me, to dry before the sun

Of happy memories that I leave,

When my life is done.


Greg gave my family so many memories, particularly my three sisters and I. We were like so many fans that got to meet him at one track or another. Patty was the first--she met him at Detroit, 1998. A month later, Mary followed by meeting him at Mid-Ohio, where, when she yelled out his name, he looked at her, smiled and waved. Only a week after that, Lynn met him at Elkhart Lake. I was the last, when I met him only three months ago at Michigan. I only stood next to him for, not even a minute, but he put me on cloud nine for about a week.

Perhaps, my greatest memory of Greg was his victory at the 1998 U.S. 500. My sisters and I were at that race. We all agreed that it was the greatest race we had ever seen, in person or on television. The fact that my favorite driver won only made me smile more.

Now all the smiles have turned to sorrow. I feel an emptiness in my heart and, like so many others I'm sure, I literally feel like I've lost my best friend. But that was the way Greg made you feel, like you, a complete stranger, was one of his friends.

In closing, I want to thank you for giving us a son, who in turn, gave so many of us joy.


You will be sorely missed,

But you'll be in our hearts forever.

Go and meet your Maker and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Be happy at your big racetrack in the sky.

May you keep watch over all of us and be our Guardian Angel.

May your twinkling star glow in the night,

And may your perpetual smile shine in the sun.

Dear Greg,

May you always Rest In Peace.

Love Always, ... Lynn, Patty, Katie, and Mary Bergamino And the entire Bergamino and Crosby Families Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis, Indiana

Condolences for Greg's family

My name is Abraham Dominguez.

Im mexican, my family and I send the most sincerely condolences to you, for the lost to him. We are with you.


Loss of Drivers

My family's condolences goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones in racing. We have been saddened too many times in the 90's because of losing drivers from all forms of racing. My family is especially fond of sprint, nascar, cart and indy racing. All have lost great drivers in recent years. My prayers are with all their families.

Racing is an exciting but dangerous sport. I know because we have a sprint and race locally.

... Debbie Schmidt , Houston Texas

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