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Greg Moore

April 22, 1975 - October 31, 1999

Call it tragic, call it a fluke, call it a racing incident, call it whatever you wish, but in the end a great racer was lost at California Speedway in Fontana on October 31st 1999.

Greg Moore, was the youngest driver to win a race in the CART series prior to Scott Dixon's Nazereth 2001 win, and is still the youngest driver to win two races in a row. He was sure to be a series champ in the near future. At the beginning of his CART career was compared to the late Ayrton Senna, unfortunately, it was all too true, Moore facing the same ultimate fate as his childhood hero.

Greg Moore will always be remembered as one of the best racers to drive in the CART series.

Greg Moore will live on forever in the memories of his friends, family, fellow racers and abundance of loyal fans.

#99 forever

The number 99 was officially retired by CART, Indy Lights and Atlantics Sunday September 3, 2000 at the Molson Indy Vancouver in Vancouver BC.

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